Well, we spent a few days here in sunny San Diego, parked across the street from our friend Max's house. Downside, it was right by the train tracks. 

Our last few days stateside were spent doing some last minute packing and shipping, surfing, and visiting with friends. We also made our final phone calls of reassurance to Grandma and parents.

We did take Lorraine to "The Truck Shop," a San Diego mechanic that specializes in Toyota trucks and came highly recommended by the 4Runner guys on the 4Runner forum. I wanted someone who was an expert in these cars to take a gander at a few lingering questions of mine, and this is the place if you're in the San Diego area. Jerry, the owner of the shop, took a look at a few things on Lorraine. I don't think he is used to seeing trucks from the Midwest, and was a bit taken aback by Lorraine's rust. But, he made some recommendations and gave me a few tips.  His yard his full of great looking Toyotas and these guys certainly know their stuff. If you're in the area and need work done, go here.