Did you know there's a website that will tell you the date it will be 60 days from now? 

There is, and at at the time I'm writing this, it's February 1st. A Sunday. They day before my 32nd birthday, and a day before we pack up our snowboarding gear, and hit the road from Aspen to Zipolite, Mexico. 

True fact: I've never snowboarded before.

That's Ian, the snow king. King of the slopes. King of the nar. Or is it Gnar? 

Anyway. I've never overlanded before, either.  

To recap: T-61 days and counting.

A lot has been accomplished so far in preparation for this trip. A lot more needs to be done in these next few months, however. I myself have been tasked with securing Mexican auto insurance, securing vehicle permits, plotting our storage strategy inside the truck, and making curtains to keep out those prying eyes. 

The curtains are going to be baller.